Super Value Pack - SVP

KenMacPMS© SVP Package is launched with KenMacPMS© PreERP KwikEst Sales Management System, KenMacPMS© CCMS Customer Confirmation Management System, KenMacPMS© R CDMS Customer Delivery Management System and KenMacPMS© CIMS Customer Invoicing Management System. It is a special rental package for installation in your own server.


The system strengthens the interlinks from PreERP down to invoicing. It helps in generating the precise material request, production planning, order confirmation, production order, delivery order and invoice in the shortest while with minimal budget..


Even people who are computer or printing illiterate can use the system efficiently. Everyone can become printing expert with the use of KenMacPMS©. You can save lots of efforts in training the printing know-how to the internal staff. There will be immense value added to your teams and corporation.


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